Free Agent Safety Eric Weddle Spurns the Steelers for the Ravens

Eric Weddle

There’s no doubt that it appeared from the start of free agency the one player the Steelers had their eyes on the most was safety Eric Weddle, who fans thought would be a perfect fit for the teams’ defense.

Today, the Steelers and other teams with interest got their answer on Weddle’s future – and it couldn’t have been worse.

Reports say that Weddle is going to sign with the Steelers biggest rival, the Baltimore Ravens. Adam Schefter of ESPN says it’s a four-year deal worth $26 million.

There’s no doubt this is a blow to the Steelers, who really would have loved to have had Weddle in their defensive secondary. He’s 31 years old, and played nine seasons with the Chargers before hitting the market.

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  1. If the Steelers really wanted Weddle . they should have brought him in and made an offer on day one of free agency . Its not like the guy doesnt have a history . There’s nine years of film on him if they had questions . The old saying comes to mind , you snooze , you lose .

  2. Sometimes this seems to work out in the long run. Weddle will get injured or something will happen with the other free agents for the Steelers Nation

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