Commentary: Raiders FA RB Michael Bush a Great Fit in the Steel City

Running back is a spot in free agency that the Steelers will have to look long and hard at.

Rashard Mendenhall is clearly not going to be 100 percent entering camp, and possibly not even the season, and unless you feel Issac Redman can be the first-string running back, it means the team is going to look elsewhere for a back.

Right now on the roster at the RB spot you have Mendenhall, Redmen, Jonathan Dwyer, John Clay, and Baron Batch. Mewelde Moore is a free agent, and while I always liked him as a solid 3rd down back, I’m thinking he’s done with the Steelers.

It leads to some of the free agents that are going to hit the market on March 13th. Here’s some names to keep in mind at the RB spot:

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Tashard Choice, Earnest Graham, Ryan Grant, Peyton Hillis, Marshawn Lynch, and Mike Tolbert.

There’s another name that I think would be huge if the Steelers can find a way to convince him to come to Pittsburgh, and that’s Michael Bush, the Raiders soon-to-be free agent back.

Bush just wrapped up his fourth year with Oakland, and playing first string quite a bit for an injured Darren McFadden, he ran for 977 yards with 7 touchdowns.

He also caught a career-high 37 passes for 418 yards with a score, showing he can make catches out of the backfield.

Now, I realize right now the Steelers priority is trying to find a way to lock up Mike Wallace, and it should be. He’s already on the team, and it seems even with new OC Todd Haley, the club is going to want to throw the ball more than run it, so getting Wallace back is huge.

I want there to be more of a desire on this offense to run the ball, and in order to do that, they need backs. Redmen is good, but he as well is a free agent, and who knows if a team was impressed enough to throw him some money in free agency.

Bush though would make a statement if he came to the Steel City. He’s only 28, and has to me his best football left in him.

Keep an eye on it, as two other teams in the AFC North – Cleveland and Cincy, may also be in the sweepstakes to land Bush, so landing him could be a great impact move for the Steelers.

It’s the type of aggressive move that keeps a team at or near the top of the AFC, and one the Steelers should seriously think about.

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4 Comments on "Commentary: Raiders FA RB Michael Bush a Great Fit in the Steel City"

  1. Its hard to accept the potential FA signing scenarios when the Steelers dont have any money to play with yet. Hopefully the FO will restructure some more deals and cut some of the older, less effective vets to clear up some more cap space.

    Bush would be a nice signing though, having two powerbacks that can rotate touches couldnt hurt.

  2. Michael Bush would be Very interesting in Black and Gold. But I agree with George in it being hard to think about potential FA’s coming to Pitt this upcoming season. I had Bush on my fantasy team last year briefly so I got to see him in action some. He’s a brutaly tough runner with decent speed. Maybe a step up from Redman but hard to say how much. I personnaly like Redman and think if given the chance he just might perform the way most think he can. Redman is a violant runner and would love to see him get 250-300 carries, just to see him thunder down the sidelines.

  3. I think we are already full at RB with Dwyer, Clay, Batch and Redman. The money would be better spent on our free agents

  4. The Steelers won’t be active in free agency. Depending on the salary cap they may go after 2nd and 3rd tier OL or safeties but that is all. these types of discussions are only fun with more cap room.

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