Hypocycloids – The Burning Questions

Tidbit: “Steelmark (the hypocycloid geometric shapes in the Steelers logo) highlighted the attributes of steel, with yellow representing “lightens your work”, the orange denoting “brightens your leisure” and the blue meaning that steel “widens your world”. The definition of the logo components was updated to represent the three materials used to produce steel, with yellow for coal, orange for iron ore and blue for scrap steel.
Patrick Robinson New Orleans Saints What Happened With the Patrick Robinson Visit?Reports came out earlier in the week that New Orleans Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson  would visit the Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday.  That did not occur.  According to Nick Underhill of The Advocate, Robinson will be making a tour to different teams this week.Robinson is a former first-round pick that began as the number two cornerback for the Saints in 2014 but was demoted later in the season due to self-confessed confidence issues.  He returned to cover slot receivers, but with the Saints signing Brandon Browner to put opposite Keenan Lewis, who expressed he did not want to leave the Saints, New Orleans may be interested in keeping Robinson.
 AFC-North-Image  What is the latest news in the AFC North?